The Benefits of an Induction Hotplate!

The benefits of induction hotplates are limitless. They are vastly superior to the conventional hot plates of 20 or 30 years ago.

It heats your food by using magnetic copper coils under the smooth ceramic top, cooking the food evenly and with their digital temperature displays you control exactly what temperature you need to use.

Most of these hot plates come with built in timers, some are solar powered, some are USB powered, and some are battery operated, and some are standard corded ones.

If you read reviews of induction hotplates, you will find out that they are dependable, they are non-conventional, and the overall design is sleek slim and classy. The weight of one of these hot plates is less than 10 pounds. You are recommended to use cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans because of the magnetic field it produces. If you don’t want to buy an additional induction interface disks which are rather pricey.

It is ideal for dorm rooms and hotel rooms which do not have cooking facilities already. They make for a great camping addition for modern times. You can literally cook with some of these anywhere depending on which type and brand you buy.

It is easy to clean and maintain as well as easy to store when you need clear counter space, put them on a shelf or in a drawer. But I would advise to let it cool down completely first. Being smart and safe go hand in hand.

The ones that are run on a power cord use less electricity which in turn makes for a cheaper electric bill every other month. The ones that run on solar, battery or USB power use even less electricity.

It is also on the rise in popularity in small appliances to own. Especially in the event of a natural disaster, such as the two recent hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida or in the event of the major earthquake. I would include it in my emergency kit one that is either battery or USB powered. These days they are a lot of cars that already have a USB connection sites and if not there are cheap adapters one can buy.

These are by far the most modern and it is most handy to own, and with modern small appliances that are bought brand new, sometimes they include free recipes for those that don’t know how to cook at all or know only a few basic cooking skills. Chefs in the past have compared these to conventional gas stoves and claim they are far easier and superior to cook with. It has been used in various cooking shows the world over and used in small restaurants with tiny kitchens.

Since these hot plates have been praised by chefs, it is a very good item to own.

  • It has a fan to prevent overheating which again makes for easier and faster cooking.
  • It fits anywhere in your luggage for your vacations if you are vacationing on a budget or a business trip
  • It is ideal for camping trips or your tiny house.
  • It is a must have for natural disasters to be included in your emergency luggage.

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