Fog lights for your car

Your probably use the low and high beams on your car frequently, but have you ever used its fog lights? Do you even know if you
HAVE fog lights? If you’re don’t care at all and are about to click away, you’ll be the guy who runs into a tree on a foggy night and kills himself. Don’t be that guy – educate yourself on fog lights and learn to drive safe in the worst weather.

What are my fog lights used for?

The headlights of a car cast light all over, and so are known to shine back at the driver and blind him. Fog lights and fog lamps are automotive features designed to emit light in a narrow beam – this makes it easier for the driver to see in conditions such as dense fog, where there are many particles that reflect your headlights and actually make having them on worse.

F150 Fog lights not only function in fog, but help out driver vision in any conditions where the atmosphere is bringing lots of particles in front of the windshield, including rain, sleet, snow, and even smoke. Fog lights shine below your regular lights, and they cast the beam down on the road, illuminating the ground and not at the fog ahead of you.

When should I use my fog lights?

Your front fog lights are for used in low-visibility, inclement whether such as, well fog. Your car should also have rear fog lights, which allow your car to be more easily seen by other cars in the fog.

Most people tend to turn their fog lights on in addition to their other lights. Not only does this defeat the point of your fog lights, it’s actually even more dangerous. Turn off your other lights when you have your fog lights on to prevent getting blinded.

Since fog lights only illuminate the road immediately in front of your vehicle, you cannot see as far ahead – it’s incredibly dangerous to drive at high speeds relying only on your fog lights. Even when your fog lights are activated, slow down when there’s fog or a blizzard and turn on your flashers!

Does my car even have fog lights?

The vast majority of cars – except perhaps very old vintage models – are equipped with fog lights. However, the latest modern cars are coming out without fog lights. These companies have found reasons that fog lights are becoming unuseful and even bothersome to other drivers when left on in good weather. Other companies are developing supplemental lighting
technology that renders fog lights obsolete.

How much does fog light installation/repair cost?

The cost of fog lights is difficult to calculate, due to the involvement of many factors – whether you buy parts or hire a mechanic, and what model car you own are among them.

For example, a Toyota Matrix has some of the cheapest parts running around $10 and a $118 repair cost. But a 2012 Mercedes Benz will run you more than $300 just for parts, and more than $400 if you want them repaired!

Is it illegal to use my fog lights when there isn’t low-visibility?

While it isn’t usually illegal to leave your fog lights on when there isn’t any fog out, all states have unique regulations regarding how to properly use your headlights. If the lawful use of fog lights is a concern to you, you should contact the DMV for up-to-date information. However, even though it might not be illegal, leaving your bright or fog headlights on when it’s not necessary can be dangerous to other drivers around you, and make it more difficult for them to see.

Another tip: while fog lights are not required to be on a vehicle and may be removed by the driver, if you take your car in for
inspection and a fog light is broken, you must pay for repairs before it can be passed.

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